Russian Voice Over Talent

Hello and welcome to my studio!

Quality Russian Voice Over Services can be difficult to find nowadays. However, if you are looking for a professional and experienced talent with professional home studio, here is your best Russian Voice Over artist.

I have always been on air. I started my career in TV and Radio, as a presenter back in Russia (gosh, it was so many moons ago!). Then I moved abroad to study and work in other countries – I lived in London for six years, where I got my degree in Journalism, and am now in Bulgaria.

During this time I set up my own recording studio and have lent my voice to television and radio commercials, films, station IDs and internet podcasts around the world.

I have a very warm, dynamic, emotive and positive voice with a baritone edge. I can also record with a typical (mild or strong) Russian accent in English as well as Bulgarian. I am a versatile and professional voiceover artist capable of working to tight deadlines and I simply love what I am doing.  

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    Have  a quick listen: 


    Further demos are available here

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